Past Events

Excalibur and Exascale Computing
Wednesday 02 March 2022, 13:30 - 14:50

Update (3 March 2022): The slides are now available: ExCALIBUR and Exascale.

Title and Speakers:

ExCALIBUR Programme: Progress and Upcoming Calls - Dr Elizabeth Bent, Senior Portfolio Manager, EPSRC

UK Exascale Supercomputer Project: Plans and Opportunities - Prof Mark Parsons, Director of Research Computing, EPSRC

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The Exascale era is upon us. China is already operating two Exascale systems and the first Exascale system in the USA – Frontier – will go live soon. These two talks will focus on Exascale activities at UKRI which are being led by EPSRC.

ExCALIBUR is a UK research programme that aims to deliver the next generation of high-performance simulation software for the highest-priority fields in UK research. It started in October 2019 and will run through until March 2025, redesigning high priority computer codes and algorithms to meet the demands of both advancing technology and UK research. This first talk will focus on the progress to date and upcoming calls.

The UK Government has committed to have a UKRI Exascale supercomputer in operation by 2025. This second talk will summarise the UK Exascale Project with insights into the hosting of such a system and what the system is likely to look like from a technical standpoint. The Exascale system will enable the UK’s internationally respected computational science community to cement the UK as a global science and technology superpower. The talk will look at the system's relevance to the biomolecular simulation community and other bioscience application areas.