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Big Data in Biomolecular Systems
Friday 09 September 2016

The aim of the conference is to discuss recent progress in managing, analysing and storing big data pertaining to biomolecular systems. The main topics of the meeting include big data and healthcare, big data and biomolecular simulations, functional genomics, biological networks, network pharmacology, functional bioinformatics and chemical data collections. Please refer to our provisional schedule for more details on planned sessions and speakers. Both academic and industrial presenters are welcome for talks and posters.


Registration is open until 15th August 2016.

All details about the “Big Data in Biomolecular Systems” meeting including a registration form and provisional programme can be found on our website:
The confirmed list of invited speakers includes:

Prof. Charlotte Deane, University of Oxford
Dr Jon Fuller, KNIME
Dr Ed Griffen, Medchemica Ltd.
Prof. Charlie Laughton, University of Nottingham & The MuG consortium
Dr Christian Lemmen, BioSolveIT GmbH
Dr Dean Plumbley, Stratified Medical, London
Prof. Natasa Przulj, University College London
Dr Arvind Ramanathan, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Prof. Carlos P. Sosa, University of Minnesota & Mayo Clinic
Dr Bryn Williams-Jones, Open PHACTS Foundation

The Big Data in Biomolecular Systems meeting is organised by the Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society (MGMS):