Past Events

Industry Talk - D.E. Shaw
Wednesday 29 May 2024, 15:00 - 16:30

This online talk is by Brannon Batson who is a hardware design engineer at D. E. Shaw Research.

Registration: free, but required to get the Zoom link. Click Here to Register.

Title: Using specialized hardware pipelines to massively accelerate molecular dynamics simulations in Anton 3 

Abstract: At D. E. Shaw Research, we have designed and built multiple generations of highly successful special-purpose supercomputers for molecular dynamics simulations.  The newest generation, Anton 3, achieves simulation speeds at least 100-fold faster than any other currently available supercomputer on a wide range of biomolecular systems.  Anton machines are an essential foundational technology for our scientific and drug discovery efforts.  This talk will describe how we co-design hardware, software, and algorithms to accelerate both research and drug discovery, focusing on how specialized hardware pipelines contribute to the enormous speedups that Anton machines achieve.